4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip An Engagement Session

Cat & Mikey's engagement session is now live on the Brides Up North site! (Click here) I thought this would be a fitting time to highlight a few honest reasons why as a wedding photographer, I think engagement sessions are so important yet often overlooked.

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1. Learn to relax

My photography style is very, very relaxed. The best shots are always the candid ones, the ones where you can see real, honest love. My couples know this and this is why they choose me to photograph their wedding, however one of the most common phrases I hear at a consultation is 'we hate having our photo taken!' If this sounds like you, I would definitely suggest booking an engagement session - think of it as a warm up to your big day! You'll soon see that 'acting natural' in front of the camera is less daunting that it seems. 

2. Get to know your photographer

Engagement sessions are a great way for us to get to know each other more before your wedding day. You'll see how I shoot and what to expect. I'm not a bossy photographer and definitely believe in working together to capture natural images. Again, eliminating the fear of the unknown means you will be far more relaxed when it comes to photos on your wedding day! These sessions are always great fun and a good way for me to catch up with your wedding plans and any ideas you have for your big day. 

3. Stationery!

Cat & Mikey used their images to make wedding invites and keepsakes. Knowing this, I made sure to shoot some images with plenty of negative space, allowing text to be overlaid nicely. If you have any special uses in mind for your engagement photos, let me know and we can create something.

4. Time to reflect

Your wedding day goes so, so quickly and although I make sure the bride and groom get plenty of couple shots together, it is rare that I get a solid hour just to solely photograph the couple. Wedding days are pretty hectic!
Your engagement photos are all about you. It's great to just spend time with each other, enjoy each other's company and reflect on your journey as a couple. 

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Even if you decide to never display your engagement photos, they are a keepsake from one of the most exciting and important parts of your journey as a couple. 

Scroll down to see more from Cat & Mikey's engagement session and check out the feature on Brides Up North: http://bridesupnorth.com/2017/01/23/our-love-story-catriona-mikey/

Thinking of booking an engagement session or regretting not having one? Don't worry! These make a fantastic gift for birthdays or anniversaries. 

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