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How do we order prints?

Congratulations! If you're reading this it means your online gallery is available to view. You can order prints and download your photographs using your gallery by following the steps below.

Open your online gallery and hover over an image to reveal the four icons. From left to right, I'll talk through these icons and explain the different options available. I'll also cover the icons in the top right of your gallery.

Click here to order your photobook.

Gallery overview

Gallery overview

Full-screen view

Full-screen view

The Heart Icon

You can use the heart icon to create favourite lists of your photographs. You could use this to select images you'd like printing, or which images you would like in your photobook. This is also useful for guests who may want to view specific photographs of their family. For example, your Aunt Farris could make a list called "Photographs of the Farris family" by 'hearting' her favourite images.

Once an image has been favourited, the heart icon will appear over the image. Click the favourites icon in the top right menu and enter your email address to view the list. From here, you can create new lists and edit options such as the list title. You can also download entire lists using by selecting the download icon.

The Shopping Cart Icon

The shopping cart icon is where yourselves and friends and family can order prints!

To order your prints, select the shopping cart icon to open the print products menu. Here you can see the range of print products I offer including standard prints, canvases and edge prints (mounted prints with no frame). If you are unsure on a print product, you can click to view a description on the left hand menu. If you have a print product in mind that isn't listed, please get in touch. I may be able to help you. 

On the print product menu, you can also view the pricing and select quantities of products. Please note, the minimum order is £50 and shipping costs are not included on this menu.

Once you have added items to your cart, you can click 'view cart' and 'checkout' to make your purchases. All purchases are processed by me before they are sent to order.

The Download Icon

The download icon is the arrow pointing downwards. You can download your whole gallery at once by clicking this icon in the top right menu, or  you can download a single photograph by hovering over a particular image in the gallery and selecting the download icon from there.

For security reasons, you will be asked to enter your email address and the PIN code that you were given by email containing the link to the gallery before being able to download your images. Pass this PIN code on to friends & family so they can download images themselves. If you forget or lose your PIN code, just get in touch and I will re-send it to you. 

The Share Icon

The share icon is the curved arrow. This allows you to share your photographs directly from your gallery to social media. To share an image to Facebook, hover over the image and select Facebook from the drop-down menu, this will then open the Facebook pop-up. You can also share your whole gallery to Facebook by selecting the share icon from the top right menu. 


Photobook FAQ

To order your bespoke photobook, first make a favourites list titled 'photobook' on your online gallery with around one hundred images, then please fill in the form below. Once I have received your order, I will send you an invoice for your photobook and begin creating your order!

Photobooks are £250 plus postage. These books are made and shipped from the USA, so shipping costs may be subject to change, but they are usually around £20-£30 and take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

I add images to your photobook in chronological order, so they will run from bridal prep to first dance. Photographs are laid out in a collage format with occasional full page spreads. By submitting this form, you agree that the layout of your photobook is my discretion. If you have any particular requests, please add these to the notes section of your form. (For example, 'we would like one confetti photograph as a full page spread', 'we would like image number X & X on the same page')

Photobooks are available in four sizes, eight colours and with a full or partial dust jacket.

View the video to see an example photobook!


Photobook Order Form

Name *
Copy and paste the URL of your favourites list here.
Size of your book in inches
For example "Maddie & Jonathan's wedding"
For example, the date or location "29.03.18 at East Riddlesden Hall"

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