Quirky engagement session in halifax

Alison & Rich are an awesome couple living in West Yorkshire who have booked their wedding photography with me for next year. They both have a love for all things vintage (Alison's wardrobe is to die for!) so I knew straight away that when these two contacted me for their engagement session, it would be something a bit different!

As well as being a cool couple, Alison & Rich are also a musical duo called Brandy Jacks. They needed some new promotional photographs for the Brandy Jack's website, so we thought we might as well do the two together! Alison & Rich picked Andy Thornton's for the session, an antique furniture shop who supply to many renowned bars and restaurants. The place is full of oddities (my favourite being the cow!) and the perfect place to photograph two musicians. Please note: we requested special permission to photograph inside Andy Thornton's and booked a time slot specifically, if you are a fellow photographer reading this, please don't just rock up and start shooting! 

Brandy Jacks are an acoustic duo with a decade's experience of gigging & playing. The two specialise in Blues, Jazz, Motown & 50's Rock and Roll - the perfect soundtrack to a vintage inspired wedding!

Brandy Jacks offer coverage for weddings as well as other events. Future bride & grooms can check out their website here: https://brandyjacks.com/ and Youtube channel.

Thanks again Alison & Rich for a fun afternoon!